Rewrapping The Perfect Gift

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Challenge Roses had lost relevance due to stagnant & antiquated product positioning. Rooted in decades of history, older consumers still cherished the iconic heritage brand, while their younger counterparts saw Roses as dated & daggy. To make matters worse, the recessive silver box was being overshadowed by more colourful competition. It was time to break out our feather dusters & freshen things up. Our mission, to allow the true brand personality to shine in a way that celebrated and repositioned Roses as the perfect contemporary gift.

Approach The best gifts are personal, well-considered and neatly-wrapped - bonus points when they involve chocolate. Our idea, 'Timeless Ribbon,' became the hero of the pack; bringing life & dynamism to the brand. We framed our newly-crafted brandmark in colourful confetti, which ensured maximum presence on-shelf, while reflecting the celebratory nature of gift-giving. The muted silver background was upgraded to a vibrant splash of Cadbury Purple, creating a link back to the masterbrand & doubling as the perfect background from which our visual elements could pop & shine. The end result was a joyful and modern gift that people of all ages would be sure to appreciate.