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Challenge Cool Ridge was the second largest bottled water company in Australia. While they were known to produce quality Australian spring water, they really didn’t stand for much more. Water brands, as a whole, focused on provenance & source, rather than speaking to the benefits of drinking water. This left us with a massive opportunity to reposition Cool Ridge as a premium mainstream wellness brand. Given the iconic nature of the brand, we needed to ensure that our solution was a subtle evolution, leaving the key elements of Cool Ridge in tact.

Approach Our idea, ‘Liberate Me,’ effectively shifted the conversation to one based on consumer benefit. To elevate the brand, we optimised the brandmark with modern type & a splash of navy. The surrounding design details speak to liberation & wellness with a tone that’s soft & calm; a gentle nudge that allows consumers to feel good about taking care of themselves. Clean, pure & refreshing, our integration of traditional water cues naturally led consumers into our story of health & wellbeing.