For Serious Coffee Snobs

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Challenge Australia was poised for a high-quality RTD cold-brew coffee for consumers who sought a convenient alternative to their barista-made lattes & long blacks. Enter, Schnobs. The brand found themselves in the rare position of being first-to-market with a range of premium “cold-brew” coffee. The problem? Consumers didn't understand what made it different from the “iced coffees” & “flavoured milks” they were familiar with. Our solution needed to educate consumers on the new offering by clearly communicating both the point-of-difference & product benefits in a way that immediately cued quality.

Approach Our idea, 'Premium Authenticity,' was created to establish Schnobs as the original Australian cold-brew coffee brand. Stencil font & distressed type work in unison to create a brandmark that embodies a stamp of authenticity. Subtle details, like a hand-numbered batch code, effectively communicate the hand-crafted nature of the product & reinforce our brand idea. A person in need of a coffee doesn't have time to be navigating variants, so colour-coded labels ensure that consumers can easily identify their favourite flavour at a glance.

Image Credits Lifestyle Photography: @schnobscoldbrew