Rebuilding An Australian Icon

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Challenge Although iconic, the Four'N Twenty brand elements had lost their strength due to inconsistent use. They were beginning to feel dated. Our mission was to rebuild the legendary brand from the inside out, while maintaining the valuable & recognisable equities that embody the straight-talking authenticity that Four'N Twenty is known for. As an added challenge, our solution needed to create uniformity across the out-of-home and in-home ranges & hold up across 40+ flavoursome products.

Approach This brand begged to be the star of the show, so our idea, 'Paint the Town Yellow,' accomplished just that. We amplified the brandmark in a big, bold way & positioned it right up front-&-centre, where it belonged. The story of 'quality craftmanship' was told through the details of the design. Hand-tooled type - beveled & embossed - reflects the care & consideration that goes into each & every Four'N Twenty product. A simple & engaging system of messaging & colour allows for bold standout & clear consumer navigation of the extensive offer.

Achievements +27% Sales Increase Post Refresh