Provincial Simplicity

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Range Architecture, 
Creative Strategy, 
Packaging Design, 
Packaging Application, 
Bespoke Illustration, 
Production Management.


Challenge Green Olive at Red Hill is a first-class farm experience; complete with incredible wine, locally-grown food & a perfectly-curated shop. Unfortunately, Green Olive’s brand identity did not accurately reflect the upmarket experience that one encountered on a trip to their property. More importantly, navigating their vast range of products was virtually impossible due to a confusing identity & packaging system. It was time to tone down the hessian & amp up an identity that was in sync with the simple goodness & high quality of the modern and experiential farm brand.

Approach Our creative platform 'Simply Beautiful,' was an expression of quality over quantity & a symbol of appreciation for the simple things in life. Composed & beautifully balanced, the 'g' identity symbolises the Green Olive farm experience & serves as the hero of our packaging execution. An expression of proud minimalism, our packaging execution harnesses simplicity & sophistication to form a colourful and powerful packaging system. From lemon salts to bath salts, the new identity enables consumers to effortlessly find their way through the extensive range of locally-crafted products.