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Challenge Herbert Adams create premium, authentic pies from exceptional ingredients, but you wouldn’t necessarily know it based on the brand’s generic assets. Well known for their pies & pastries, Herbert Adams was firmly positioned as a premium player in the freezer aisle. They were preparing to launch a range of chilled pies that would elevate the brand's exisiting 'quality credentials' & align to the latest consumer trends & desires for 'closer to fresh.' We needed to reimagine how the brand values came to life in a new & exciting space.

Approach Behind every Herbert Adams pie is a craftsman so we decided it was only right to focus our story on the man behind the brand. We brought Mr. Adams to life through a beautifully crafted, signature-style logo; each perfectly-formed letter reflects the care & dedication of a proud master baker. The emphasis on the carefully selected ingredients & enticing product photography draws the consumer in for a bite. Contrasting textures & luxe foils create a premium experience that truly reflects the vision & values of this special brand.