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Challenge The frozen dessert category was in a conundrum. People still loved sweets, but they were no longer looking to the freezer aisle for their favourite guilty pleasure. Trends towards smaller households & petite portions were affecting the freezer aisle. Nanna’s sales were coming to a halt. We needed to figure out a way to make frozen desserts relevant & desirable to today’s consumer.

Approach There are few things that inspire more emotion & nostalgia than Nanna. We knew the brand identity & packaging needed to tap into those feelings of warmth & adoration. As a whimsical nod to Nannas everywhere, we used a doily graphic to represent the care & attention that she puts into every meal she serves. The doily doubled as a clever holding shape for the brand, which was brought to life via bold, modern colours & mouth-watering food photography.

Achievement Sales +250% Post-Refresh Sales Increase Nanna's Family Apple Pie 2015 Winner AGDA Awards - Design Effectiveness