Fuelled By A Glass & A Half

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Challenge For decades, Freddo the frog has been a beacon of fun & togetherness, allowing adults & children the opportunity to share in the joy of chocolate. Our favourite frog has been awarded a well-earned promotion, acting as a key strategic pillar for future growth & development of the brand. Unfortunately, decades of expansion & duplication have led to disarray across the iconic range. We needed to develop a strategy that simultaneously brought to life the brand proposition & created consistent alignment between the Freddo & Cadbury Dairy Milk brands.

Approach Our Brand idea, ‘Fuelled by a Glass & a Half,’ not only laddered up to the Cadbury masterbrand, but also became the environment from which Freddo could fulfill his adventurous spirit. We bolstered this connection to the masterbrand by creating a new lockup of the Freddo & Cadbury Dairy Milk brandmarks & integrated the JoyCon device; a powerful equity that sparked imagination throughout Freddo's fun-filled journeys. Lastly, we modernised Freddo's character by toning-down his hyped-up expression, creating a more playful & friendly personality. Our new visual system was made effective by a cohesive ranging & varianting strategy, which allowed for easy exploration of the 40+ SKUs.